Tuesday, March 31, 2009

JPA interview

date; 31th march 2009
venue; MBI,ipoh

i came to MBI and arrived there at 1 p.m sharp..i saw few other morning candidates.some of them wear blazer.so nerd and skema.i saw many chinese there.especially the gurls..malay candidates were fewer than chinese and indian candidates.perhaps they dont want to become doctor..

its me b4 going to the interview..

well,i was listed in panel 1,haha..my heart was beating faster..i went to parade with my father and we have our refreshment there.i couldnt eat at all..huhu..then we performed zuhur prayer and get ready to the interview place.when i came there,the seats were already full..i came to the most front seat and sat there next to a chinese gurl.we talked and i knew she must be very good in english and her result was same as mine..and i also knew that im going to enter the intervieww room with her..i think i can beat her,so confident..chewah..

then,we waited for quite long time..i felt so bored as i wanted to go home..i dont want to be there any longer-i always felt abnormal and scared..haha

wait,n wait,,bla,bla....bla.....bla...and then the time has come..all of us were 7 candidates,a chinese,2 indian,and others were malay..the interviewers were 2 doctors and a jpa officer..and the disscussion asked were
-health tourism
-10 min a day
-healthy lifestyle

haha,the doct ask me the healthy lifestyle one,i gave my very long opinion..easy!
the health tourism one,same goes to chikugunya that i never knew bout em at all,,and other candidates as well,,and thank god the interviewer didnt ask me..haha!!
and i offered myself 2 answer the 10 min a day topic-that was an advantage 4 me..huu..well,there were 7 of us,and it was hard for me to talk more..4 me,my performance yesterday was an OK one,not bad and not too good..i never know what were the interviewers want and look to me,but i hav done all my best yesterday..i salam all the interviewers and ask them if they can proceed my application..haha,what have i done?watever..then we left the room..

i went to GM and bought m2 adaptor,and then we went to tesco and had our nasi kandar pelite there..i was too exhausted and i slept early last night..

today is wednesday..1st april,nothing to do..just sleep,and sleep..

pen off..


  1. hee,,thanx..pray 4 me kayh..

  2. huiyoo...
    gud lah nyai..anyway i'm thinkin bout ur next album..hak3..
    BTW cik aina???soulmate kah???

  3. haha,y nex album?
    guess la..hehe

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  5. next album..our band!!!hak3
    no nid 2 guess lah..i noe..har3

  6. haha,,whose band?
    ak da ade band br,,haha..
    ngan pian ngan pisang ngan owg len..haha