Thursday, August 20, 2009

to her..

for u my dear..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

raishu no tame(kimatsu shiken)

maksud title kat ats 2 ade kne mgena ngan yg ak wat mgu ni..

mgu ni bz gler,study..

coz next week final exam..

sory ma dy if i dun layan u...miss u too..thanx 4 da song..

pray 4 me kay,,final exam pnting gler and susah gler..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

sesuatu yang terpakse dilepaska..

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haha,,,aku tolak...macam bodo jer...
tp x pe r...jad tetap di hati..nak g jepon!!
nihon e ikimashou!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

senshu no naninani o shimashita!!

last week nye stuff...

benkyo,benkyo,to benkyo..dakara,shukudai o shimashta...
mainichi seikatsu wa onaji des..taihen desne..
daitai isogashi desne..JAD gakusei des..haha
whole week keje aku blaja,blaja,blaja,wat hw,wat hw....
makan,tido,men bola toki doki..dwet abes mcm air,maklom r,,boros..haha..
kingyobi,uchi e kaerimashita..jumaat,blik kg,kat perak..
ingat nak jumpe aina,tp dy xleh kua..nsb bek doyobi hitomi sensei datng ipoh nak sampo o shimasu,deskara,aku date ngan sensei je r..haha,,puas ati..demo,ade member ipoh len gak r..doyobi,jumpe sensei kat parade,bawak dy g kdai hyaku yen shoppu..then,bawa dy g makan nasi kandar,dewa,bawak g jj.bus de ikimashita..aku okane dewa arimasendeshta kara,sume sensei yang paid..haha..bowling o shimashita,naninaninani o shimashita..arushimashita ne..and bowling,aku 1st..haha,power,dak banda..shukudai ga takusn arimashta,demo 1 pown aku x bawak balik..haha,macam gampang xpe r...normal r 2..nichiyobi,,aku blik subang..bus de mohd to e ikimashita..nsb bek kippu ade,klu x,mmg ponteng class r getsuyobi..haha..kyo wa,getsuyobi,deskara atarashi shu ga arimasne..
ja,,,,benkyo wa hajimete arimas!!!benkyo~~~

shukudai banyak lg nie..haha,,me chan nye pasal r ni suh aku view blog nih..

Monday, April 27, 2009

daitai isogashi desu

ima konputa no heya ni kongputa literation no jyugyo arimasu...demo,me chan wa watashino atamaga no naka ni imasu..watashiwa me chan ni totemo koishii desu kara konshu no kingyobi ni uchi e kaerimasu.haha..soshite aina chan ni aimashou ne..nagai no jikang watashitashiwa aimasendeshita..minna san wa amari wakaranai desne.kondo minna san ni nihongo o oshiemasu..minna、がんばりましょう ね。。

Monday, April 13, 2009

Japanese Associate Degree Program

now im at apartment bukit pelangi subang~my new house!!this morning i registered as unicel student,i repeat,a university student!! now JAD student studying 3 years at unisel 4 diploma in electrical n mechanical engineering course.then ill be flying abroad 2 japan to continue another 2 years 4 degree course..insyaAllah..looks like i'v to forget all the stuff i apllied b4,especially to become a dentist with JPA sponshrship..well,i accept my destiny..and another important thing,perhaps ill bcomin more busy this 1st semester with my japanese language subject,and another post might be written in japanese..kah3..just wait and,ill not spendin most of my time with aina anymore..we shuld redha and continue our stdy well,hope our relation last eva,aminn..miss her damn much..

this week is orientation week,so i am a truly nerd and skema person rite now..well,im tryin 2 bcome more alim n better person.promise,ill try my best!tomorow will be my 1st nihongo test,hopefully ill make it fine..just now,i gayut with her,haha...n now,,i wanna sleep..watashiwa netai des kara,ima nemashou...oyasumi!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

JPA interview

date; 31th march 2009
venue; MBI,ipoh

i came to MBI and arrived there at 1 p.m sharp..i saw few other morning candidates.some of them wear nerd and skema.i saw many chinese there.especially the gurls..malay candidates were fewer than chinese and indian candidates.perhaps they dont want to become doctor..

its me b4 going to the interview..

well,i was listed in panel 1, heart was beating faster..i went to parade with my father and we have our refreshment there.i couldnt eat at all..huhu..then we performed zuhur prayer and get ready to the interview place.when i came there,the seats were already full..i came to the most front seat and sat there next to a chinese gurl.we talked and i knew she must be very good in english and her result was same as mine..and i also knew that im going to enter the intervieww room with her..i think i can beat her,so confident..chewah..

then,we waited for quite long time..i felt so bored as i wanted to go home..i dont want to be there any longer-i always felt abnormal and scared..haha

wait,n wait,,bla,bla....bla.....bla...and then the time has come..all of us were 7 candidates,a chinese,2 indian,and others were malay..the interviewers were 2 doctors and a jpa officer..and the disscussion asked were
-health tourism
-10 min a day
-healthy lifestyle

haha,the doct ask me the healthy lifestyle one,i gave my very long opinion..easy!
the health tourism one,same goes to chikugunya that i never knew bout em at all,,and other candidates as well,,and thank god the interviewer didnt ask me..haha!!
and i offered myself 2 answer the 10 min a day topic-that was an advantage 4 me..huu..well,there were 7 of us,and it was hard for me to talk more..4 me,my performance yesterday was an OK one,not bad and not too good..i never know what were the interviewers want and look to me,but i hav done all my best yesterday..i salam all the interviewers and ask them if they can proceed my application..haha,what have i done?watever..then we left the room..

i went to GM and bought m2 adaptor,and then we went to tesco and had our nasi kandar pelite there..i was too exhausted and i slept early last night..

today is wednesday..1st april,nothing to do..just sleep,and sleep..

pen off..

Monday, March 30, 2009

counting my time..time,please run faster!!cant wait!!

today will be my historical day as im going to have an interview with other top students in perak.well,it must be interesting and im ready 4 that task.this afternoon im going to MBI to attend JPA interview.just now i called fatin and she'd undergone the interview very well in putrajaya.well,my hesitation is relieving,she said everything would be ok..thank God..i cant wait for that moment.i hope my interviewer will act nice to me and friendly quite sad becoz i cant be with other sc jhore students who are now attending their interview in kluang..they are all my friends who want to further their studies in medic and dentistry.i really want to study abroad with them,hopefully so.well,i've no time to post this any longer.i got to rush now,im waiting 4 her 2 iron my shirts.haha,come on my dear,we have no time..hahaha..pray 4 me,wish me luck!

cant wait....time,please run faster!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

this is my classmates..yama class.i love them so much.i miss every moment i was there.i think i should carry on with JAD.but i prefer more to dentistry.well,just let the God decide,and i wont decline my destiny.right now,im really in dilemma,sometimes i feel so damn upset and regret 4 what id done before(playin,do fuck stuffs,and always being naughty).i forget that im now a 18 year MAN!im old enough to think about my future and other significant things that moving out there.i was really a playing person when i was there(the course).i never thankful 4 what i have and i just PLAYING all the time..but,everything we did was an important great history of ourself,so there were still funny,interesting,enjoyable and fuckin stuff i must not to forget.all the precious moment with those persons really touched my bottom heart(fly,break the gate,warong nasi lemak till 3 am,rooftops,elevator time,my room,ping pong,our sensei's,floor 8th members,kompang boys,my floor,shokudo/dine hall,yama class,jamming,solat jumaat's time,chick-touch game,and all the noise we did in that building i wont ever forget!!i promise..)
im sorry to those who were feel distracted with all my damn act there,really everybody,im so sorry..i kinda startin to love nihongo,and if i get that JAD course,ill in!!its good to spend my 3 playin time with those guys,they were really intelligent,awesome,crazy like shit sometimes,really crazy!!haha..please pray 4 me,hopefully ill go through my life very well,and happy..YAMA class no nakama,watashiwa anatani totemo sabishi des!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

im new here

yes,im new here..
ill start blogging!!
see ya..