Monday, April 13, 2009

Japanese Associate Degree Program

now im at apartment bukit pelangi subang~my new house!!this morning i registered as unicel student,i repeat,a university student!! now JAD student studying 3 years at unisel 4 diploma in electrical n mechanical engineering course.then ill be flying abroad 2 japan to continue another 2 years 4 degree course..insyaAllah..looks like i'v to forget all the stuff i apllied b4,especially to become a dentist with JPA sponshrship..well,i accept my destiny..and another important thing,perhaps ill bcomin more busy this 1st semester with my japanese language subject,and another post might be written in japanese..kah3..just wait and,ill not spendin most of my time with aina anymore..we shuld redha and continue our stdy well,hope our relation last eva,aminn..miss her damn much..

this week is orientation week,so i am a truly nerd and skema person rite now..well,im tryin 2 bcome more alim n better person.promise,ill try my best!tomorow will be my 1st nihongo test,hopefully ill make it fine..just now,i gayut with her,haha...n now,,i wanna sleep..watashiwa netai des kara,ima nemashou...oyasumi!